Karlyle Young

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Corbin
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

When Karlyle Young was diagnosed with cancer, she was heartbroken — not because of the difficult health care journey she faced, but at the thought of the anguish it would cause her loved ones.

Amid these emotionally trying times, however, true friends and devoted family members stepped up to offer unwavering love and support.

And for that Karlyle is grateful.

“There were people who surprised me with delicious meals or ran errands exactly when I needed help. Those are the people I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life,” said Karlyle, who is especially thankful for her husband, Justin. “I went through every step with him by my side. He was with me through tears, anger, sickness … Justin is my person and he always will be.”

As Karlyle has undergone treatment for breast and ovarian cancer at Baptist Health Corbin, she said gratitude has been the glue that’s put her soul back together and helped her heal.

“The absolute pure goodness of my cancer posse at Baptist Health Corbin didn’t just heal my body; they healed my heart. They gave me back the life I thought cancer was going to take away from me,” said the London, Kentucky mother of two. “I am grateful I don’t worry about whether I will see my children graduate high school, or college, or enter the world as young adults. I am fully confident my husband and I will grow old, enjoying the family we’ve created and the families our children will create.”

Gratitude is so much deeper than a note. It’s a bond that will tie me to people for the rest of my life.