Lou Coulon

Title RN
Company Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville
Location Madisonville
Lou Coulon
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Lou Coulon, RN, believes that in moments of uncertainty, there’s always something for which you can be grateful. That’s proven especially true during the pandemic. 

“Today I am grateful for a work family that has stood beside me and lifted me to new heights,” says Lou, a nurse at Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville. “This past year hasn’t been easy on anyone, but I really cannot express the gratitude I have for these ladies and gentlemen who have overcome unimaginable circumstances emotionally and physically and still managed to support each other when we needed it most.” 

Lou also is grateful for the opportunity to care for patients, and he cherishes the meaningful interactions that go beyond treatment. He recalls one patient who was hospitalized with COVID-19 for over a month: 

“Before he was discharged, he looked at me and told me that he loved me like I was his family. Many days I would chat with him about his own family, who so desperately wanted to be there but couldn’t,” Lou says.  

“For him to feel that connection with me really hit home and gave me an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the position that I had been placed in. It made me feel like I was made for that moment. If nothing else in my career ever amounted to anything, that moment then and there made it worthwhile.”