Mike Davenport

Title Community Partner
Location Madisonville
Mike Davenport
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Early in the pandemic, volunteers at Madisonville Community College helped make face shields for local health care workers. When Mike Davenport dropped off the supplies at a nearby nursing home, the employee who received the donation was so overcome with gratitude she was on the verge of tears. 

“They had nothing at that point except for some makeshift masks,” said Mike, director of Workforce Solutions at the college. “I didn’t realize there was so much need at that time.” 

As a result, he was driven to do even more to help those who “sacrifice on a daily basis to keep us safe and healthy.” 

Mike is most grateful for his family and wonderful life, and he believes gratitude can be shown in many different ways — whether that’s through donating supplies to those in need, a heartfelt “thank you” or a sincere smile. 

“I will always be eternally grateful to those who have helped during the pandemic. I try to show my gratitude in multiple ways whenever possible,” he said.

Gratitude can help to give hope, and when there is hope there can be healing.