Rhea Ashby

Title Board of Directors
Company Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Foundation
Location Madisonville
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

The pandemic might have temporarily curtailed the ability to socialize in person, but according to Rhea Ashby, it did not stifle opportunities to connect and express gratitude. 

“Gratitude comes in many forms, and since last March, I’ve seen that we have to be creative to express gratitude,” she said. For Rhea, that included sending gifts to family, friends and acquaintances who are health care workers. “Just little things with a note hopefully expressing that they are seen and appreciated.” 

Rhea is most grateful for her family, her health and her community — sentiments she regularly reflects on in a gratitude journal. And she believes putting that gratitude into action has the potential to heal. 

“Lifting each other up is key for moving forward,” Rhea said. “Gratitude through words and actions encourages and strengthens everyone involved.”