Robyn Elliott

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville
Location Madisonville
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Expressing gratitude is a way of life for Robyn Elliott. “At this moment I am grateful for so many things, but what has been top of mind is the community I live in and the people I’ve met.”

The Madisonville resident is also grateful for her husband of 10 years, whom she describes as her best friend and biggest supporter. “He pushes me to pursue my dreams, and I am forever thankful for that in my life. We have a similar grateful mindset and try to always express our gratitude in notes, acts of service and spreading the word.”

The couple makes it a priority to sincerely thank people who make a difference in their everyday lives, from their children’s teachers to health care workers. “Recently I have started seeing a [Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville] physical therapist for postpartum issues I had always ignored. To say I am thankful for her and the knowledge she has shared with me would be an understatement.”

Robyn believes embracing gratitude has the potential to uplift and even to heal. “Speaking from a recent experience with my PT, I can honestly say through her knowledge and attentiveness to me and my situation she has already started to heal me emotionally and physically.”

The Elliotts hope their grateful way of life inspires others to display acts of gratitude — whether that’s through a simple “thank you,” a kind note or a cup of coffee. “Gratitude is like kindness and can only bring better things to all of us. If you are thankful for something big or small, I challenge you to make that person or entity aware of how they have changed your life.”

Gratitude is like kindness and can only bring better things to all of us.