Kerrie Myre

Title RN
Company Baptist Health
Location Richmond
Kerrie Myre
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Kerrie Myre was still in high school when she realized she wanted to become a nurse. She is incredibly grateful this is her calling — and that she’s been able to make a difference during the pandemic. 

“I feel very blessed that I have been able to continue to work when so many people have not been able to,” said the Baptist Health Richmond nurse. “I wish I could help everyone, but I just continue to do my job to the best of my ability and take great care of my patients.” 

According to Kerrie, being grateful means living day by day in a state of giving, and she believes gratitude helps heal.

When you show gratitude for everything around you, it just makes you feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually. A positive outlook on life goes a long way and is contagious. It makes everybody around you feel better, especially yourself.

Although it’s been a challenging year, Kerrie said it has taught people not to take things for granted — like their jobs, their families and their health. “I am very grateful for the job that I do, for the health of my family, and that I haven’t had to experience any sudden loss with this pandemic.” 

It’s also taught her to look for silver linings, which she did when it came to her daughter’s pandemic nuptials: “She got married in April 2020 and posted the wedding ceremony on Facebook Live as well as Zoom for her close friends and family. I hated not being there with her, but I can now replay her wedding over and over. That wouldn’t have been possible if she had gotten married the traditional way.”