Stories of Gratitude

Read encouraging stories about how others have experienced gratitude in their lives.

Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health
David Haydon
David Haydon Grateful Patient Lexington
Lindsey Daugherty
Lindsey Daugherty Grateful Patient Lexington
Kiara Jackson
Kiara Jackson Grateful Patient Lexington
Wayne Oates
Wayne Oates Grateful Patient Lexington
Devon Gordon
Devon Gordon Grateful Patient Lexington
Wendy Monsanto
Wendy Monsanto Grateful Patient Lexington
Kathy Fraley
Kathy Fraley Grateful Patient Lexington
William Bridges
William Bridges Grateful Patient Lexington
Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes Grateful Patient Lexington
Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons Grateful Patient Lexington
Joel Jackson
Joel Jackson Pastoral Care Director Paducah
Lee Sheets
Lee Sheets Grateful Patient Lexington
Blair Tolar
Blair Tolar Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chief of Surgery Paducah
Myra Thompson
Myra Thompson Grateful Patient Richmond
Michelle Parke
Michelle Parke Grateful Patient Richmond
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams Grateful Patient Richmond
Jason Stolz
Jason Stolz Grateful Parent Richmond
George Boyd
George Boyd Grateful Patient Richmond
Everett Murphy
Everett Murphy Grateful Patient Richmond
Bryan O’Brien
Bryan O’Brien Grateful Patient Richmond
Bessie Overbay
Bessie Overbay Grateful Patient Richmond
Aleisha Allen
Aleisha Allen Grateful Mother of patient Richmond
Jim Miller
Jim Miller Baptist Health Foundation Lexington Board Member Lexington
Joe Beavin
Joe Beavin Baptist Health Foundation Lexington Board Member Lexington
Jessica Head
Jessica Head Grateful Patient Paducah
Edward Berry
Edward Berry Grateful Patient La Grange
Sammy Leslie
Sammy Leslie Grateful Patient Lexington
Danon Ditto
Danon Ditto Grateful Patient Lexington
Gina D’Costa
Gina D’Costa MD Richmond
Jamie Wilkerson
Jamie Wilkerson MSN Hardin
Kim Wilder
Kim Wilder MSN Lexington
Erin Wilcox
Erin Wilcox RNC-OB Louisville
Edie Wells
Edie Wells Grateful Patient Louisville
Juanita Votaw
Juanita Votaw Grateful Patient Lexington
Yuri Villaran
Yuri Villaran MD Lexington
Gloria Tarver
Gloria Tarver RN Paducah
Misty Simpson
Misty Simpson Grateful Patient Paducah
Sandy Phelps
Sandy Phelps Volunteer Hardin
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker Emergency Department Director of Nursing La Grange
Deanna Parker
Deanna Parker RN and MBA Hardin
Kerrie Myre
Kerrie Myre RN Richmond
Aaron Mulhall
Aaron Mulhall MD Hardin
Regina Lovings
Regina Lovings RN Richmond
Brooke Lodge
Brooke Lodge Grateful Patient Paducah
Yevgeniya Kobenko
Yevgeniya Kobenko Grateful Patient Lexington
John Huff
John Huff MD Hardin
Pat Howell
Pat Howell Volunteer Hardin
Reva Harper
Reva Harper Retired Nurse Paducah
Frank Grubbs
Frank Grubbs Grateful Patient Louisville
Jeff Fultz
Jeff Fultz Community Partner Richmond
Patricia Fretz
Patricia Fretz Grateful Patient Hardin
Jonathan Feddock
Jonathan Feddock MD Lexington
Helen Fardo
Helen Fardo Board of Directors Richmond
Kevin Everson
Kevin Everson Grateful Patient Hardin
Julia DuPlessis
Julia DuPlessis Donor Hardin
Pat Cherry
Pat Cherry Grateful Patient Paducah
Mindy Cartwright
Mindy Cartwright ARRT Paducah
Hanan Budeiri
Hanan Budeiri MD Richmond
Sherrell Suttle Brown
Sherrell Suttle Brown Grateful Patient Lexington
Barbara Brindley
Barbara Brindley Grateful Patient Paducah
Dee Beckman
Dee Beckman Chief Nursing Officer, DNP Lexington
Sabrina Bazemore
Sabrina Bazemore Grateful Patient Hardin
Gillian Atwater
Gillian Atwater RN Richmond
Debbie Mueller
Debbie Mueller Perinatal Bereavement & Perinatal Palliative Care Coordinator Lexington
Lucynda Burdine
Lucynda Burdine RN, Intensive Care Unit Richmond
Gary Faltin
Gary Faltin Grateful Patient, Volunteer and Donor Louisville
Lisa Spillman
Lisa Spillman Primary Care Nurse and Grateful Patient Paducah
The Farah Family
The Farah Family Grateful Family Lexington
Jeannie Hensley
Jeannie Hensley Community Partner Corbin
Angela Ballard
Angela Ballard APRN Hardin
Tom Carrico
Tom Carrico Vice President & COO Hardin
Reena Philpot
Reena Philpot Community Partner Corbin