Aaron Mulhall

Title MD
Company Baptist Health
Location Hardin
Aaron Mulhall
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Living and working through a pandemic has taught Aaron Mulhall, MD, that expressing gratitude can lift spirits, even in the worst situations. “Knowing that others are thinking about you and want to express their appreciation for what you do provides a huge emotional boost,” said the pulmonary and critical care physician with Baptist Health Medical Group. 

Dr. Mulhall recalls how Hardin County businesses and residents sent meals to hospital staff and donated to the COVID-19 EmergencyFund to support patients and caregivers alike. He’s also been humbled by the outpouring of thanks from patients. 

“I have had patients at the end of an appointment thank me for what we are doing at the hospital. I have even had a few of them bring gifts, flowers and desserts to the office to show gratitude for what we are doing during the pandemic,” he said. “That really means a lot.” 

The community has gone above and beyond to support frontline health care workers, all while dealing with their own personal struggles. And the benefits, according to Dr. Mulhall, are far-reaching:

Gratitude is very powerful. It can lift your spirit. It can get you through a rough day at work. It can provide hope when you may feel there is none.