Kathy Fraley

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Lexington
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Kathy Fraley is an avid runner who’s logged countless miles over the years, including three half-marathons. Soon after completing the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon in the spring of 2021, Kathy redirected that strength and stamina as she began treatment for stage one breast cancer.

“I could not have had better care than what I received at Baptist Health. It was a very positive experience,” says Kathy in reflecting on her treatment, which included a lumpectomy and radiation.

Hearing the word “cancer” came as a shock, but her fears subsided thanks to kind, patient and reassuring caregivers. “The professionals at Baptist Health showed the utmost care, kindness and respect,” she says. “I feel very well taken care of and am grateful.”

Tapping into that gratitude has made a difference throughout this journey, Kathy says, helping her spiritually, physically and emotionally. “If you can be grateful, then your spiritual life is going to be in tune with God. Your physical body is going to be able to heal, because gratitude helps you look at life with a positive attitude. This aids in healing. And gratitude helps emotionally to keep our focus on all we have that’s good, right, pleasing and encouraging.

Even when we are sad or grouchy, we can’t stay that way when we remember to be grateful.