John Huff

Title MD
Company Baptist Health
Location Hardin
John Hardin
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Initiated by Baptist Health

When asked what he’s grateful for, John Huff, MD, is quick to say family — both at home and at work.  

“In many cases, my coworkers have served as extended family when the pandemic prevented me from being with my family,” says Dr. Huff, medical director of the Baptist Health Hardin Hospitalist Group. 

Particularly during the holidays, I was grateful to have such a wonderful work family to spend time with. Even during these difficult times, they help make it such a joy to come to work at Baptist Health Hardin every single day!

It’s been “nothing short of amazing,” he says of watching dedicated colleagues provide excellent care despite personal challenges — from juggling childcare and homeschooling to grappling with their own anxieties caused by COVID-19. To support these co-workers and put gratitude into action, the hospitalist team donated to the HMH Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Fund. “When we act on our gratitude,” he says, “I think the blessing is oftentimes bigger for us than the person we blessed.” 

Baptist Health Hardin staff — ranging from physicians and nurses to environmental services and food service workers — have become a close community caring for COVID-19 patients as well as each other, according to Dr. Huff. “We always have each other’s back.”