Yevgeniya Kobenko

Title Grateful Patient
Location Lexington
Yevgeniya Kobenko
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

In 2019, Yevgeniya “Yev” Kobenko and her family moved from a small city in western Ukraine to Lexington. Soon after the move, she was expecting her second child and turned to Baptist Health Lexington for care after doing lots of research to find the best OBGYN. 

The photographer and blogger said she settled on Dr. Bradley Youkilis, MD, because, “I loved all his positive 5-star reviews.” After her first appointment, she knew she’d made the right choice.  

“I felt so comfortable with everything Dr. Youkilis did,” she said. “He made sure to guide me through the whole labor and encourage me. I trusted him completely.” 

Fast-forward to 2021, and Kobenko is now a mom of three boys, the youngest of whom is just a few months old. “My delivery with my third son was just as amazing as the second,” she said, despite the joyful experience taking place during a pandemic. Although neither her parents nor her two older sons could visit the hospital due to COVID-19, the bond she and her husband had formed with Dr. Youkilis made it special — and for that she is grateful. 

“I have never felt that from any other doctor I’ve ever been to,” Kobenko said. “Dr. Youkilis is one in a million.”