Erin Wilcox

Title RNC-OB
Company Baptist Health
Location Louisville
Erin Wilcox
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Erin Wilcox spots gratitude in the small things we often take for granted — like a smile or a hug. “Those are ways that I show gratitude to others,” she says. “And it has been hard to have to ‘edit’ myself with the hugging [during the pandemic]!” 

Gratitude doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be conveyed via little gestures, Erin says, like buying someone a coffee or making them a headband with buttons for their mask. The nurse manager for Labor and Delivery and Antepartum also writes thank you notes every week. 

A personal note can mean so much to someone. I write them to employees, co-workers, friends and family, I guess that is my gratitude language — I love getting handwritten cards, so I love sending them.

The pandemic has reminded Erin that gratitude can bring people together. “There are incredibly generous and kind people in our community often looking for ways to help each other and touch each other’s lives.” Early in the pandemic, she recalls the many gifts of food, donated PPE and even chalk-art words of encouragement. “It would make me cry almost every day to come to work and see how others just want to love on you.” 

When asked what she’s most grateful for, Erin says: “My incredible support system of my family, my work family, church family and dear friends. I have had to depend on a lot of them recently, and it has opened my eyes to how important each relationship we cultivate in life can be.”