Aleisha Allen

Title Grateful Mother of patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Richmond
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Shortly after Aleisha Allen’s son, Legend, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD at age 3, she had to quit work and focus full time on meeting her family’s needs. “It was rough,” she admits, and life only got more challenging when her son entered school.

Shortly thereafter, she sought behavioral health treatment for her son at Baptist Health. In less than a year, Legend’s life has been transformed for the better — and for that, Aleisha is incredibly grateful.

“I’m grateful for grace and people and medicine and doctors. You never know how little things will change your life,” she says. “I’m grateful for the everyday interactions Legend has now that he didn’t get to experience before.”

There was a time when the family wasn’t sure Legend would ever talk, Aleisha says. He also had frequent outbursts and was struggling in the classroom. Thanks to his team of providers at Baptist Health, she says her son “has improved tremendously” — his grades skyrocketed, he’s reading at a higher level, and he’s able to enjoy activities such as baseball. 

“We’ve come a long way. We’re grateful he is who he is. We love his personality. Him being able to regulate himself is a huge piece of the puzzle,” she says. “For us, we’re just completely grateful for our village.” A village that includes Baptist Health.

I’m grateful for grace and people and medicine and doctors.