Jamie Wilkerson

Title MSN
Company Baptist Health
Location Hardin
Jamie Wilkerson
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

As the pandemic peaked over the winter, Jamie Wilkerson, MSN, wanted to thank his Baptist Health Hardin colleagues for their tireless efforts. The nurse and director of Critical Care teamed up with a few co-workers at the hospital to put this gratitude into action by creating “recharge rooms,” a calm place for staff to regenerate from their rigorous shifts. 

“We wanted to just give them an environment to step into and recharge,” says Jamie. “Once we shared the idea, leadership and the [Baptist Health Hardin] Foundation ran with it and made it a huge success.” 

While most of the world slowed down during the pandemic, that hasn’t been the case in healthcare settings. “Things are moving so quickly,” says Jamie, adding that cooperation between departments has never been more important. It’s been a crazy year, but “we are stronger and more grateful for each discipline.” 

At this stage in life, Jamie is most grateful for his infant daughter and wife. But he also has a renewed appreciation for all the direct caregivers who have treated patients throughout COVID-19, as well as the community members who have shown overwhelming support. 

Going forward, I hope we all prioritize the opportunity to reflect and understand where we have been and the gratitude that exists, universally. We take everything for granted when things are running so smoothly. It is important that we realize what we are grateful for and how we can show gratitude.