Jason Stolz

Title Grateful Parent
Company Baptist Health
Location Richmond
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

The Stolz family is naturally competitive, especially when it comes to athletics. But when 10-year-old Skyler began having outbursts on the softball field, her dad knew something was wrong. “In her mind, if it wasn’t the intended success, she would have an outburst that wouldn’t stop,” says Jason Stolz, describing the behavior as a compulsive need for perfection.  

They sought help at Baptist Health, where Skyler was able to begin receiving behavioral health treatment right away. Through a combination of therapy and medication, she’s made great strides — and for that, the Stolz family is grateful.

“We started seeing a huge difference in her behavior,” says Jason, who is especially thankful for his daughter’s therapist and nurse practitioner, both of whom have been “a tremendous help.”  

The positive experience with Baptist Health’s behavioral health program has inspired Jason, a youth softball coach, to change his approach to mentoring kids: “I realized I can make a difference for a child in coaching by recognizing personalities and what works with those kids.” He’s also organizing a softball tournament to benefit mental health awareness.

And according to Jason, that’s gratitude in action: “Gratitude is an experience that you can share and give back. There is not a much better feeling than being thankful and showing expressions by giving back.”

Gratitude is an experience that you can share and give back.