Ashley Parker

Title Emergency Department Director of Nursing
Company Baptist Health La Grange
Location La Grange
Ashley Parker
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Initiated by Baptist Health

The COVID-19 crisis has reminded Ashley Parker, MSN, how important it is to acknowledge others before yourself. That includes expressing gratitude — whether it’s through a sincere thank you, an act of kindness, or a heartfelt hug (once it’s safe to do so, of course). 

Each and every day, Ashley strives to express gratitude. It’s a way of life that not only brings her joy, but also helps create a culture where others succeed through servant leadership.  

A small act of gratitude has the power to give others energy, motivation, encouragement and a drive to put others first.

Throughout the pandemic, she’s been reminded that the La Grange community is “Christ centered, strong and adaptable.” As evidence, she recalls how local churches and community members collected and then sent truckloads of food — along with endless prayers — to her emergency department team.  

When asked what she’s most grateful for, Ashley says: “Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior, my husband, my three boys, and the amazing ER team I work with.”