Reena Philpot

Title Community Partner
Company Precision Duplication Solutions
Location Corbin
Reena Philpot
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Reena Philpot had a realization early on in the pandemic: Joy abounds in life’s simple pleasures — whether that’s spending time with family and friends, or shopping for treasures in a thrift store (one of her favorite pastimes).  

“This crisis has taught me we have so many more things to be thankful for than I ever realized and that I should show it more,” says Reena.

 The joy in living really comes from everyday life, and we can take it for granted.

Over the past year, the small-business owner has been amazed by the many sacrifices people have made to ensure essential services were carried out despite COVID-19. And she’s thankful for them all — from grocery store workers to frontline hospital staff. 

“I am grateful for a lot of things, but I am most grateful for those who come together and do what’s best for us as a whole,” Reena says. “Those who sacrifice and work tirelessly when others might question or complain. I am thankful there have been so many who just continue to strive to do what’s best and what’s going to make things better.” 

Thank you, Reena, for sharing your experience and insights with Project Gratitude! We are truly grateful.