Deanna Parker

Title RN and MBA
Company Baptist Health
Location Hardin
Deeana Parker
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Deanna Parker can easily spot those who have an attitude of gratitude:

There is a peace they exhibit and calmness you can sense. They tend to have a smile on their face, and see the glass as half full. The world needs more of this, and I appreciate when I’m surrounded by those who live their life with this.

It’s been a trying year for Deanna, vice president of Emergency Services at Baptist Health Hardin, but it’s also been a time of reflection. “The pandemic forced me to take a pause and look at what is truly valuable in my life. This pause allowed me to take notice of the many blessings I’m surrounded by, including my family, a place to come home to, friends that make me laugh, my faith, and the list could go on. I found peace in appreciating those things I had grown to expect, and that was a truly precious life lesson.”