Mindy Cartwright

Title ARRT
Company Baptist Health
Location Paducah
Mindy Cartwright
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Mindy Cartwright says gratitude is going through something in your life that you will never be able to forget because it changes you forever — something she witnesses often in her job as a certified breast health navigator at Baptist Health Paducah. “So many times, when a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, their priorities change and their mindset shifts They have a completely different outlook on life and what matters. That’s when I see gratitude the most.” 

Mindy believes gratitude can heal spiritually, physically and emotionally, and it gives you a sense of purpose.

When someone makes a positive impact on us, we live a much fuller life. If we could all live our life with an attitude of gratitude, our community and world would be a much better place for sure.