Frank Grubbs

Title Grateful Patient
Location Louisville
Frank Grubbs
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

For the past eight years, Frank Grubbs has been giving back as a volunteer at Baptist Health Louisville. Several months ago, he became a patient there, too, after a bicycle accident left him in need of knee surgery. “I felt very grateful for the Baptist staff and to be able to get the surgery and then the physical therapy I needed,” said Frank, who considers Baptist Health a true community. 

“I think if you’re grateful that tends to make you feel good and also make the other person feel good. And that’s good for both of you, both physically and mentally,” he said. Most of all, Frank is grateful for good friends, many of whom are scattered across the country. The pandemic introduced them to video calls, and they’ve talked more than ever before. “So, I should say I’m also thankful for Zoom!” he joked.