Lindsey Daugherty

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Lexington
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Since high school, Lindsey Daugherty’s life has been dictated by how much pain she would experience on any given day. With unpredictable and intense pain caused by Endometriosis, Lindsey began looking for solutions outside of typical pain management and found her way to Baptist Health.

“I didn’t want to rely on pain medication my entire life,” she says. “Over the years, I lost jobs because I was bedridden and unable to function. After coming to Baptist Health, I began being asked what they could do to make me feel better and I began to realize that I don’t have to live my life like this. There are people who genuinely care and want me to feel better, and they were going to help me get there.”

For many years, Lindsey had trouble identifying gratitude in her life due to the inability to escape the constant pain resulting from her condition. Through the guidance of Jon Voss, MD, and Monica Vetter, MD, she was presented with her options which included a hysterectomy procedure.

“During this process I began to identify things I was grateful for again,” she said. “Not only were my physicians giving me options that would provide relief from the perpetual discomfort I had suffered from for many years, but they also weren’t trying to push me to make a quick decision. The medical staff at Baptist Health answered every question, exhibited patience as I thought through what I wanted and truly had my best interests at heart.”

Following another workday cut short due to pain, Lindsey made the decision to move forward with a hysterectomy and has been thankful for the freedom that followed.

“I am just overall a happier person now,” she said. “It’s even the little things of being able to go to the grocery or plan a vacation without having to worry about whether I will feel sick. I don’t have to live in fear anymore, and that is something I will always be grateful for.” Baptist Health’s Project Gratitude is an ambition to better understand the role gratitude plays in our health journey. Learn more and share your stories at or #JoinProjectGratitude.

I don’t have to live in fear anymore, and that is something I will always be grateful for.”