Kevin Everson

Title Grateful Patient
Location Hardin
Kevin Everson
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

It’s been a tough road for Kevin Everson since his cancer diagnosis: He’s undergone two major surgeries, radiation treatments and immunotherapy. Yet through it all, he’s continued giving to others.   

“I felt and still feel a desire to ‘give back’ to the people God placed in my life to help heal me,” said Kevin, who crafts handmade crosses that he gives to Baptist Health Hardin staff and fellow patients. 

Kevin believes being thankful is an automatic response, like saying “thanks” when someone holds open a door. That’s important, he said, but true gratitude is a deep appreciation for something you have or have received.  

“I’m grateful for the presence of Jesus in my life and all the comfort, joy, peace and understanding that he brings,” Kevin said. He’s also grateful for the compassionate care he has received at Baptist Health, particularly from neurosurgeon Dr. Thad Jackson, MD. 

“I am truly grateful to him as I feel he saved my life, and he made it seem routine with his expertise. A true professional in his field,” he said.

There are so many true professionals working around us every day. They place their life’s worries and concerns aside and work for others in the health care field. Their selfless devotion places them among the unsung heroes, and we are blessed to have them.”