Lucynda Burdine

Title RN, Intensive Care Unit
Company Baptist Health Richmond
Location Richmond
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

For Lucynda Burdine, RN, the pandemic has put into perspective how precious life is and the importance of human connection: “We must be appreciative of what we have at the time we have it and hold on to it as tight as we can.”  

When taking care of patients, the Intensive Care Unit nurse at Baptist Health Richmond tries to put herself in their shoes. “If that was my family member, I would want someone to truly care about my loved one — not just do their job.”  

When asked what she’s most grateful for, Burdine says her family, her faith and her co-workers. 

“The ICU Team is my family outside of my home; when I’m busy with a patient, I know they have my back with my other patients. They are family!” 

Every morning, Burdine prays for God’s guidance in caring for patients.

“I feel like He is with me and helping every step of the way. My faith is what helps me care for my patients.” 

Burdine spots gratitude daily in gestures like a pat on the back, a fist bump or kind words from a patient’s family. She says acting on gratitude brings her an overpowering sense of joy, and she’s learned to be grateful for the simple things. “I look at the sunrise each morning and think about how blessed I am. It just makes you feel as though it will all be OK — even in the worst of times.”