Kim Wilder

Title MSN
Company Baptist Health
Location Lexington
Kim Wilder
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Sincere gratitude comes in many different forms, according to Kim Wilder, MSN, but there’s one constant: the feeling is palpable.  

“It is a deep appreciation and blessing that you receive,” says the longtime nurse and Baptist Health Surgery Center administrator. Throughout her career at Baptist Health, Kim says she’s experienced overwhelming gratitude and joy.  

Being a servant to others is so gratifying in and of itself. Patients will often thank you and express their deepest gratitude for the care that you provided to them or their family member.

However, Kim is quick to add that the care she provides is “such a small thing” compared to the blessing and gratitude she feels, because the act of giving is truly a gift. 

On the flip side, she recalls her family being on the receiving end of Baptist Health care several years ago, after her mother was diagnosed with renal cancer. During that time, she realized her Baptist family did more than provide quality care — they did so with love. 

“My mom’s illness taught me so many things, but most of all it taught me to treat each moment and memory as a gift.  Be grateful for the moments and the journey — and don’t take one thing for granted.  Appreciate the little things, because after all, they really are the big things.”