George Boyd

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Richmond
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

After University of Kentucky student George Boyd had a disappointing experience seeking psychiatric care while away at college, he turned to Baptist Health for the compassionate treatment he needed. He began seeing Jennifer Whittington, APRN at Baptist Health, and it’s been “amazing.”

“She’s phenomenal. I’m really thankful for her,” George says of the psychiatric nurse practitioner, whom he sees both in person and via telehealth. “From the moment I walked in the door, she’s been so kind, so understanding. When I expressed I was having a hard time, she showed empathy. I was more than just a number.”

In recent years, George has navigated some tumultuous times, made more difficult by healthcare encounters that left him feeling “lost in the shuffle.” Those past experiences have made him even more grateful for where he is today: “I am now getting the best care at Baptist Health.” 

In addition to being grateful for quality mental health care, George is thankful for his parents — and the fact that their relationship has grown even stronger despite the difficulties they’ve faced. “They were always there for me when I needed it.”

These days, George makes it a priority to show his gratitude often, something he hopes will “have a snowball effect, strengthen the community, and foster an environment of care and compassion.”

When I see other people showing gratitude, it gives me some hope.