David Haydon

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Lexington
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

When reflecting on his history with Baptist Health Lexington, David Haydon finds that one word can sum up his entire experience: gratitude. On his journey to health, David has undergone multiple surgeries and received care from a number of physicians and their respective teams, and through it all has been made to feel like more than just a patient.

“When dealing with Baptist Health, I know the entire population [of staff] and facilities of the health system are behind me,” he said. “From communication to care, every person at Baptist Health worked to make sure that I am here to watch my grandson grow into his teenage years and continue to make new memories with my wife, Donna.”

David does not hesitate to identify his loving wife as the person who he is most thankful for. He credits her compassionate, unwavering and loving support as helping him to heal through the numerous procedures and recoveries he has endured throughout the past decade.

“Without Donna, I would not be able to enjoy life and what it offers. She is my rock, my encourager, my caregiver, my friend, my companion and my everything. I am not only grateful for her support when I needed it most, but for her giving spirit that never fails to lift me up and keep me going.”

David believes that gratitude plays a critical role in all facets of life and is the secret to living life with a positive attitude.

“We can make a difference with a grateful spirit. We can make a difference with our family, with our close knit group of friends, our community, our city, state and on and on and on.”