Jonathan Feddock

Title MD
Company Baptist Health
Location Lexington
Jonathan Feddock
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Initiated by Baptist Health

Early in the pandemic, Dr. Jonathan Feddock recalls how many of his colleagues became ill with COVID-19. “Our staff was nearly cut in half, yet we still managed to keep all of the patients under treatment,” says Dr. Feddock, a radiation oncologist at Baptist Health Lexington.

Even when there were so many unknowns, we were committed and no one was looking to leave or close the doors. Eventually, everyone recovered and is back at work, healthy.  I won’t forget that experience as it shows what strong and committed coworkers I have.

He’s grateful for that, along with his family, friends and “all of the patients who continue to come for treatment, who trust me to provide the best care possible, even in scary times such as during the pandemic.”

Dr. Feddock thinks this crisis has forced people to re-evaluate their priorities and what they consider important. “This not only includes making decisions about what we choose to do and who we choose to do it with, but it has also caused us to recognize the importance of opportunity.  We need to make the best of our opportunities to live our lives and more importantly to be thankful for the blessings we have received.”