Pat Cherry

Title Grateful Patient
Location Paducah
Pat Cherry
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Family is the most important thing in Pat Cherry’s life. That’s always been the case, but especially during COVID-19. “In this crisis, I truly felt gratitude to God for giving me a supporting, helpful family.” 

Growing up, Cherry said her parents instilled in her the importance of faith, discipline, family and caring for others — and she continues to learn from them. For example, as the pandemic peaked and the TV news painted a hopeless picture, Cherry’s mother reminded her that “worry ends when faith begins.” 

Cherry believes that when you are grateful it shines on your face and in your actions. “My dad always told me, ‘Don’t ask anyone to pay you back, ask them to pay you forward by making a difference in someone else’s life.’ That is gratitude.” 

The result of a grateful heart, according to Cherry, benefits both the individual and the community. “If you have a grateful heart and one that wants to contribute to others’ success, it creates an inner peace,” she said.

If we could all be grateful, kind and encouraging … what a wonderful place we would live in.