Gloria Tarver

Title RN
Company Baptist Health
Location Paducah
Gloria Tarver
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

Gloria Tarver can spot someone’s gratitude by the joy in their eyes. That was especially true on the day the Baptist Health Paducah charge nurse was present to see a grateful patient head home after battling COVID-19. “I could only see the patient’s eyes, but they spoke with such humility and gratitude. There was clapping and tears of joy as the patient passed by. All I could think about was how blessed this patient is and how happy I was to get to see them beat COVID and go home.” 

Gratitude uplifts Gloria emotionally and helps her maintain a positive attitude.  

“I am motivated physically to keep going and improve myself. Feeling appreciated heals my soul, allowing me to have a strong connection with me family, friends, patients and fellow staff.”