Angela Simmons

Title Grateful Patient
Company Baptist Health
Location Lexington
Initiated By:
Initiated by Baptist Health

When an oncologist first uttered the word “cancer” to Angela Simmons, she tapped into her faith to find strength. “I said, ‘Alright God: It’s me, you and the doctor.”

Turns out a full team of doctors, nurses and other staff at Baptist Health would care for Angela throughout her cancer treatment — and for that she is grateful.

“I had a wonderful team. God really blessed me with caring people, I cannot pinpoint one,” says Angela. “I am grateful for my doctors and other staff.”

Months of chemotherapy were difficult and at times debilitating, Angela says, but the warmth and compassion shown by health care providers helped ease the burden. “During and after my chemo, if anything hurt or felt unusual, I knew I could call and they would always get back to me, usually in an hour or two. It showed me they cared… You don’t normally get doctors who reach out within an hour or two. God really blessed me with those people. God built my team.”

Angela is grateful for the strength she exhibited during these trying times. “I just cannot put into words. It was a beautiful experience, even though I had to go through it,” she says. “I truly believe God gave me the strength to go through it gracefully.”

I had a wonderful team… I am grateful my doctors.